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Here's the deal

Here's the deal

Let us help you get around during the festival. Whether you are headed to a panel or a show we’ve got you covered!

Pay $10 for an exclusive car2go membership and we’ll cover your first 10 minutes of usage. You only pay $1 per trip for the Driver Protection Fee*. P.S. There are no monthly or yearly fees. Let’s get going! Start your registration now and remember to use promo code FEST1010 when signing up.

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Do what you want, when you want: just grab the nearest available car and go.

Find It Icon

Find It

Use the official car2go app or spot one on the street – no reservation required.

Drive It Icon

Drive It

Unlock the vehicle with your app and get going. Take one-way or round trips, all for just $0.41 per minute* + tax.

Park It Icon

Park It

Park the car according to your city’s Parking Rules and hop out.

Get free time drive

get free time drive

Who doesn’t love free car2go minutes? Take a car2go during the festival and we'll give you 30 minutes of free drive time to use after the fest is over.

All you have to do to qualify is opt in here and use car2go in Austin any time between March 11 and March 20, 2016. Easy enough… right?

Your free drive time will be loaded on to your car2go account March 21, 2016 and will be available for 30 days. See all details for this offer here.

Opt in now!

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*Other fees and restrictions may apply. Please visit www.car2go.com for more details. Provided 10 minutes of car2go usage will expire 45 days after membership is processed.

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how it works

How it works

Begin and end your trip in any on-street City of Austin metered or pay station parking space inside the Home Area or at any car2go specific parking location.

For a more thorough look at parking locations and policies, check out our parking rules.

For only 41 cents a minute, parking, fuel, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, GPS navigation, 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance are all included. You only pay for the minutes you’re holding on to the car. And the charges are billed directly to your credit card.

The more you drive, the cheaper it gets. One hour costs a maximum of $14.99, and a full 24 hours is no more than $84.99. See full pricing chart below. And there are no hidden costs, security deposits, monthly fees or charges. Finally, you can go for a ride without being taken for one.

Parking Rules

Subject to 10% state rental tax and 5% city rental tax if rental started inside the City of Austin (The City of Austin requires that an additional tax of 5% be imposed on each motor vehicle rental for the purpose of financing the Town Lake Park Community Events Center Venue Project).

parking locations map
University of Texas Campus Oakwood Cementery
Texas State Capitol Grounds State Cementery of Texas Ground
Registration Fee $35
Per Minute* $0.41
Per Hour Maximum* $14.99
Per Day Maximum $84.99
Per Mile After 150 Mile Per Trip $0.45
Driver Protection Fee $1.00 + tax
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Festival Drop Zones

Festival drop zones


Arrive at Austin’s largest festival stress free by taking a car2go to one of our 4 festival Drop Zones for easy and convenient parking. Once at our Drop Zone you’ll be greeted by car2go staff and we’ll take care of the rest… it’s like car2go valet!

Our car2go Drop Zones will be available from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM Friday, March 11- Sunday, March 20, for parking just steps away from all the action.

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Travel to Austin

Travel to Austin

car2go parking is available at The Parking Spot airport shuttle parking, adjacent to Austin Bergstrom International Airport. Check out how the service works by watching this short VIDEO or read on to learn more.

How to pick up a car2go at The Parking Spot:

  • Reserve a car2go as soon as your plane lands via the car2go app.
  • Go to The Parking Spot shuttle and tell them you have reserved a car2go. Do NOT rely on the shuttle driver to tell you if there is an available car2go; check your app!
  • Before boarding The Parking Spot shuttle, confirm that your car is reserved. Please be aware that reservations last 30 minutes from the time that you book the car.
  • Don’t have a smart phone? Dial our call center at 877.488.4224.
  • The shuttle will drop you off at the car2go designated spaces.
  • Return to the Home Area and end your trip at your final destination.
travel to Austin C2G image

Note: a $7.50 charge EACH WAY will be billed to your account for trips to and from The Parking Spot.

The Parking Spot logo brand

How to park a car2go at The Parking Spot:

  • Enter the lot at 1600 Texas Hwy. 71 East, Austin, TX 78742.
  • At the entrance, stay to the right and pull through the Self Parking Lane.*
  • Turn right and follow the signs to the car2go designated spaces. You will only be able to end your trip in these specially marked spaces:
  • Pull all the way forward to make space for another car2go to park behind you.
  • The spaces will fit two vehicles apiece.
  • You must end your trip. No stopovers will be allowed.
  • Stay at your vehicle and the shuttle will come pick you up.

*If the Lot Full sign is displayed, see an attendant for instructions on where to park your car2go.

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For Our Members

For Our Members

Members are invited to join us for complimentary coffee, tacos and KIND snacks hosted downtown on E. 6th street in the middle of all the action of Interactive. Bring a friend, come take a break, refuel and relax with us. For entry, just show us that you’re logged in to your car2go app at the door.

For people interested in becoming a car2go member, we will also have a registration kiosk available at this event.

Address: 200 E 6th St #200, Austin, TX 78701

Dates: March 11-15, 2016 daily, 9 am- 12 pm

c2g coffee stand map

For Our Members

For Our Members
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